Alt-Minds Goes Live Today

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Electronic Theatre ImageAlt-minds has launched today for PC/Mac and tablets. A unique transmedia project incorporating TV, videogame, and internet, as the player you can choose your level of engagement and interactivity, as you track down missing scientists. Over the coming weeks the plot will unfold and the more types of media you use, the more you will discover.

You can choose to be completely passive and just watch the web fiction. By downloading the app on your tablet or smartphone you can also keep up with developments in the investigation through news feeds and videos. If you do wish to complete the experience you can try and discover thousands of secret locations all over Europe and up to the far Electronic Theatre Imagereaches of Russia thanks to the geolocalisation option.

Every week an episode of the web series broaches subjects related to current events and raises exciting issues linked to post humanism. The Alt-Minds web fiction explains scientific and social issues in simple terms, also revealing the unseen and fascinating sides of hidden or unknown stories. Along with the game experience and the web fiction, official newspapers will broach these topics and review scientific advancements.

Alt-minds is now available for PC/Mac and tablets and continues for the next eight weeks. The full Alt-Minds experience is available completely free of charge for the next week and then available for a weekly subscription.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about Alt-Minds.


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