Krater: Shadows over Solside Receives Co-Operative Gameplay Mode

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Electronic Theatre ImageFatshark has today released the highly anticipated co-operative gameplay mode for Krater: Shadows over Solside. Available as a brand new downloadable content (DLC) pack, the co-operative add-on is free to all players via Steam.

Krater: Shadows over Solside is a retro-flavoured top down role-playing game (RPG) where you control a squad of free-diggers through the perils of an open game world. Electronic Theatre recently Electronic Theatre Imagedelivered an in-depth review of Krater: Shadows over Solside, stating: “Krater: Shadows over Solside has a great deal of character and a good attempt at innovation on its side.

“The game experience from day one to now is very different. We have listened to the player feedback. There is a lot things adjusted and added to the game.” says Robert Bäckström, Producer, Fatshark.

The Krater: Shadows over Solside is available to download via Steam now, free of charge. Future DLC packs have also been promised, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details Krater: Shadows over Solside.


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