Jagex Reveal Carnage Racing

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Electronic Theatre ImageJagex Games Studio has today unveiled the first details of their latest title, Carnage Racing, which will be released exclusively on Facebook next month. Carnage Racing has been developed by the company’s recently established Californian studio and marks the RuneScape developer’s first foray into social media gaming. Featuring 3D graphics, Carnage Racing aims to take multiplayer Facebook gaming to a new level in graphical fidelity.

Carnage Racing offers racing fans a fast-paced experience, complete with a wide variety of vehicles, weapons, warps, boosts and tricks to test even the most experienced gamer race after race. With every completed contest, players collect experience points and game currency which can be traded-in for new vehicles, more powerful weaponry and special features which could propel players to the front of the grid. Regardless of whether you prefer Electronic Theatre Imageracing head-to-head with up to seven friends, an achievement player looking to top the fastest times table, or even a single player looking to test your skills against the games AI, there is something in Carnage Racing for everyone.

Arash Amini, Carnage Racing Producer said, “Carnage Racing perfectly blends arcade style gameplay mechanics with AAA graphics to give racing fans a Facebook gaming experience like no other. With a vast array of customisation, upgrades and an army of waiting competitors, Carnage Racing is set to change the way people think about racing games on Facebook.”

The videogame has been developed by Jagex’s newly created Californian studio, staffed by the team of Midnight Club series veterans, who bring a wealth of experience in the racing genre and promises to bring high-quality multiplayer racing to the world’s largest social network for the first time.

Commenting on the announcement, Rob Ollett, Jagex Games Studio’s VP of 3rd Party Publishing said, “Carnage Racing is set to bring the development quality of AAA gaming to Facebook by presenting racing fans with a truly compelling andElectronic Theatre Image unbeatable multiplayer racing experience. With Carnage Racing, we are determined to offer a console-like experience which capitalises on Facebook’s vast network to match player’s race after race, in what promises to be the best 3D racer on Facebook.”

Carnage Racing is set to launch exclusively on Facebook in November 2012, with Jagex Games Studio to support the product in a similar fashion to their other well received third-party titles. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Carnage Racing and other forthcoming titles from Jagex Games Studio.


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