Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game Coming in 2013

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Electronic Theatre ImageCrytek is collaborating with Queen Games to bring Crysis fans Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game. Queen Games GmbH, based in Troisdorf, Germany, is one of the most prolific boardgame publishers in Germany, operating worldwide. Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game strives to recreate the gameplay and action players have come to expect from the Crysis games’ multiplayer modes.

In the Crysis board game players will experience the empowerment of tapping into the Nanosuit’s skill set as they bid to play their cards right and gain the upper hand on opponents. Along the way they’ll have to adapt to ever-changing strategic Electronic Theatre Imagesituations, utilize weapons familiar from the videogames and employ tactical teamwork as they enjoy the authentic feel of Crysis combat in board game form.

Crysis Analogue Edition – The Board Game is slated for release in March 2013.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about the Crysis franchise.



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