Dragonica Halloween Quest Now Live

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Electronic Theatre ImageGala Networks Europe are celebrating the spooky season by launching a themed in-game event in its massively multiplayer online role playing game, Dragonica. The event will add a new Halloween quest to the game, as well as themes, new pets, outfits and lots of precious prizes.

The Halloween quest can be accepted by visiting Randy in the Port of the Winds area. The whole area in all towns around Dragotaka will be Halloween-themed. Players will also be able to acquire two new pets, Tigers and Ligers. Both come in three different colours. Additionally, the Halloween update brings lots of new jewellery, rings, necklaces and Electronic Theatre Imageother precious gems. Some of them will allow players to increase their skill level while the jewellery is equipped.

Anyone looking for some competition can check out the new Windia race modus. During this festive season, players will be able to race against the Game Masters in the qualifications. There will be two different maps to play on, a spiral map as well as a Halloween themed race based on a dungeon map. The top three contestants of the race event can win medals, which can be traded in for prizes. During the championship race, even greater prizes are to be won.

Dragonica’s client is available for free in English, German or French from the gPotato portal http://dragonica.gpotato.eu. Electronic Theatrewill keep you updated with all the latest details about Dragonica.


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