Sleeping Dogs Receives Square Enix Character Pack DLC

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Electronic Theatre ImageSquare Enix Ltd. has today released a brand new downloadable content (DLC) pack for the hugely popular Sleeping Dogs videogame. This new DLC pack allows Wei Shen to don new disguises and become a silent assassin, augmented warrior or king of chaos.

We all know Wei Shen has some pretty powerful friends In Hong Kong, but now you’ll be able to harness the talents of Wei’s friends found in Square Enix’s other franchises and have them at your disposal throughout Sleeping Dogs. TheElectronic Theatre Image Square Enix Character Pack features three new outfits for Wei Shen and three new weapons from Square Enix’s Hitman, Just Cause and Deus Ex franchises. Each outfit includes its own buff and signature weapon.

The Square Enix Character Pack will be available to download worldwide today 14th November 2012, from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Xbox 360 and Steam for PC, and from the PlayStation Network in Europe. North American PlayStation 3 gamers will have to wait until 20th November. The DLC is priced at 160 Microsoft Points for Xbox 360 and $1.99/€1.49/£1.19 GBP for PC and PlayStation 3. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest Sleeping Dogs DLC made available.

Electronic Theatre Image

Electronic Theatre Image


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