Carnage Racing Enters Open Beta

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Electronic Theatre ImageJagex Games Studio has now made it possible for everyone to have beta access to Carnage Racing. It’s time to take to the track and leave the competition in your dust. If you can’t beat them, explode them. If you can beat them, explode them anyway.

It’s supercharged cars speeding around a tropical island, flying through the air, warping through mountains and annihilating each other with missiles, fire and more. Jagex Games Studio are throwing a wad of in-game cash at players for weapon upgrades and car Electronic Theatre Imageenhancements, just for being a beta access player. As this is a beta, the studio are very keen to get your feedback on the videogame, whether it’s a bug report, suggestion for an improvement, or an entirely new idea. Please send all feedback to under the relevant subject headings: Bug Report, Improvements and New Ideas.

You can play Carnage Racing on Facebook now for free, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest releases from Jagex Games Studio.


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