Microsoft Reveal Xbox LIVE 10th Anniversary Statistics

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Electronic Theatre ImageFollowing the Xbox LIVE tenth anniversary celebrations last week, Microsoft Studios has today revealed a number of new statistics celebrating the success of the service over the past decade. Xbox LIVE is now available across a wide range of devices, including PCs, tablets, mobile phones and of course Xbox 360 consoles, and as such the audience Microsoft Studios communicates with via the service is nothing short of vast.

Representative of that audience, Microsoft Studios has revealed that 2,081,054,696 hours of multiplayer gaming have been played by Xbox LIVE Rewards members alone. An additional opt-in service that launched little over a year ago, thatElectronic Theatre Image impressive figure would take a single person 237,405 years of non-stop play to reach that amount. The figure for the full ten years of multiplayer gaming across all Xbox LIVE members on all formats would surely be astronomical.

Further pushing the ideal of Xbox as an entertainment brand rather than one specifically for videogames, the second statistic revealed is that of the use of entertainment apps by Xbox LIVE Rewards members: 603,549,497 hours of television, film and music have been broadcast through the numerous services available via Xbox LIVE. This is coupled with the social activity, which sees Xbox LIVE members having made a total of 122,265,266 concurrent friendships; billed as ‘like being friends with more than everyone living in Mexico.’

These impressive figures are obviously limited by way of the Xbox LIVE Rewards opt-in scheme (bar the social activity, which seems to have no such caveat). The figures for every user of the service would surely be much more impressive, but as it stands Xbox LIVE remains a behemoth in the world of online videogames infrastructures. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the Xbox LIVE service as it matures over the next ten years.


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