Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter Dousing Flames on PC

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Electronic Theatre ImagePublisher Iceberg Interactive has today brought the critically acclaimed Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter to PC retail. Having originally debuted on Wii in 2010, Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter makes its way to PC today courtesy of Iceberg Interactive with a Nintendo 3DS version from Reef Entertainment following later this year.

In Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter, players will put on the soot-stained boots of an everyday hero as a newly graduated Fire Academy cadet, getting your career start in a big city fire station. Use the firefighter’s tools of the trade to save potentialElectronic Theatre Image victims from the flames and get those fires under control. Experience raging infernos and explosive environments alongside the rest of your Engine Company 13 squad, through a story-driven adventure in this unique first-person simulation.

Iceberg Interactive Sales Director Howard Newmark says: “Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter is an exciting non-violent action game, featuring an all-star Hollywood cast, from shows including Buffy, Rescue Me, Aliens and The Shield. It is one of the best fire-fighting simulations created to date. Many of us wanted to become firefighters when we were young, it being a heroic and dangerous profession, so we are eager to get this in front of a global audience very soon.”

Iceberg Interactive are distributing the cell-shaded fire-fighting simulation for PC via its global network of digital partners and retail outlets from today. Iceberg Interactive has also released a trailer for the game, which can be found below, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Real Heroes: Fire-Fighter.


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