Conquer Online Aims to Break PvP Record

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Electronic Theatre ImageWhat is the biggest PvP battle you have ever seen in a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG)? For most online games, a massive PvP event is usually restricted on a certain ground with only players meeting some requirement allowed to take part in. However, Conquer Online, the PvP based Chinese martial arts title has just refreshed the MMORPG world with a brand new style PvP event, ‘The War of Faith,’ which allows its all players to join and fight in almost every corner of the videogame world.

The war takes place between two factions and players can choose which faction to join according to which side of a specific topic they support. During the war, all players will wear an invisible mask to keep their identity hidden. All you should do is ally with fighters who share the same faith and search the whole videogame world to hunt down those who question it.

Conquer Online’s First War of Faith: Who do you think is stronger? The mysterious Asian Ninja or the brutal Western Pirate? Below is a video recording of the war – Ninja vs. Pirate. Conquer Online has also announced that there will be an even more interesting War of Faith coming right before 20th December 2012, or as the other faction would call it, the Doomsday? Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Conquer Online and other titles from TQ Digital.


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