Dragon’s Prophet Publishing Agreement Announced

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Electronic Theatre ImageInfernum Productions and developer Runewaker Entertainment, best-known for their highly-successful Runes of Magic, have signed a license agreement for the fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Dragon’s Prophet. With this agreement, Infernum Productions secures the free-to-play title’s operating and marketing rights for Europe and Turkey. The MMORPG, which has now entered the last stage of development, will be released next year, initially in German, English and French with other language versions to follow.

Dragon’s Prophet is aiming to take free-to-play titles to a new level with its array of content and distinctive features. It combines all virtues of a classic MMORPG and simultaneously manages to represent this genre’s evolution toElectronic Theatre Image offer players an epic adventure set in a deep fantasy world.

At this point, Runewaker Entertainment and Infernum Productions’ management can look back on long years of cooperation. Infernum Productions’ CEO Andreas Weidenhaupt comments: “With Runewaker’s first title, Runes of Magic, which I licensed back in 2008 and was marketed together with Frogster later on, we succeeded in establishing the title as a successful and award-winning MMO, worldwide. With Dragon’s Prophet, Runewaker are now developing their newest blockbuster title and I am convinced that we will repeat this success story. We are very proud of this license. Runewaker’s trust in Infernum clearly shows that our positioning is just right.”

Right from the start, Dragon’s Prophet will offer a vast scope of content. The world will be inhabited by hundreds of dragons, which players can tame, train and battle alongside. Furthermore, they can use their emerging symbiotic link to benefit from special dragon skills, from flying on their backs and entering into combat, both air-bound and on the ground. Furthermore, MMORPG players will be delighted by the frontier and housing systems which feature cross-server guild battles for areas and resources as well as the fluid action-based combat system.

Dragon’s Prophet is expected to launch next year. The debut trailer for the videogame follows below and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details from Infernum Productions and Runewaker Entertainment.


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