Iron Front – Liberation 1944 DLC Details Revealed

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The Allied Forces are ready to advance in Iron Front – Liberation 1944 with the new downloadable content (DLC) pack, D-Day, as Deep Silver has revealed the American units from the upcoming add-on. The expansion introduces new weapons, armour, and military equipment.

For example, in the new DLC players can fire bazookas and Thompson submachine guns, drive Sherman tanks, or attack from above in a P-47 Thunderbolt. Also featured are the famous Higgins landing craft that the Allied Forces used to land atOmahaBeachon6th June 1944. Thanks to these units, capturing the mainland on the coast becomes a strategic highlight.

Deep Silver and developer X1 Software/AWAR have also introduced a new contest in which participants have a chance to win the D-Day expansion. In order to take part in the contest, players must create and submit a new mission. The winning missions will be made available for all players to download together with the next patch release. The creators of the winning missions will be mentioned in the credits. For more information and to enter the contest please visit the official Iron Front – Liberation 1944 website,

The DLC will be available exclusively for PC from 14th December 2012, at a price of £8.00 GBP. The main game is required in order to use the DLC. The D-Day DLC will only be available for download, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Iron Front – Liberation 1944.


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