Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Event Now Live

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Electronic Theatre Image      NCSOFT and ArenaNet are currently hosting the third major event since the launch of Guild Wars 2, entitled Wintersday. Wintersday bestows bundles of holiday joy in the form of gifts, unique mini-games, new events and presents upon all in Tyria. Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role playing game that offers players a massive role playing environment combined with combat mechanics, events, and customised personal storytelling.

During Wintersday Tixx the Toymaker has made his way Lion’s Arch, stopping at every major city on the way to deliver toys to all races. From today Tixx the Toymaker’s airship will hover over Lion’s Arch and remain Electronic Theatre Imagethere until Wintersday ends. While the airship hovers players can earn more rewards and take part in unique Wintersday events building up to hectic holiday Toypocalypse. Throughout all of Wintersday, players can also participate in a variety of mini-games including a Bell Choir mini-game, snowball fights, grabbing presents that drop from the sky and much more.

The Guild Wars 2 Wintersday event ends on the 3rd January and is the third major event since the launch of the latest chapter in the popular franchise.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about Guild Wars 2.


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