Monster Shooter Coming to Mac

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Electronic Theatre ImageWith over five million worldwide downloads under its alien-blasting belt, developer Gamelion has announced that Monster Shooter will be making its way to Mac computers. Known as Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels, this new release will feature more levels, enemies and weapons.

“The response we’ve had for Monster Shooter is something we’re incredibly proud of,” says Gamelion product manager Wojtek Wronowski. “But the Mac adaptation is marks a new milestone for the franchise Electronic Theatre Imageand for us as a game development studio. We’ve worked hard to capture the essence of the original that’s been so well received on the portable platforms, while delivering the grand enhancements that Mac players deserve.”

Monster Shooter has seen release on a host of portable platforms, including Android, Nintendo 3DS, the PlayBook tablets and iOS devices; with a fully optimised version for the all-new iPhone 5 already available. This new version, Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels, heralds the first time the shoot-’em-up has appeared on a big screen. This exclusive special edition offers Mac players an ad-free, action-packed experience. Wave after wave of angry aliens assail players as they attempt to rescue a cute kitten while repelling the extra-terrestrial invaders.

“We’ve packed over one hundred missions across eighty different levels in Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels,” Wronowski continues, “because the Mac is such a superb, yet underrated gaming platform that’s a perfect Electronic Theatre Imagematch for this exciting game. We’re so thrilled with the result, we’re already looking at other desktop platforms that would also benefit from Monster Shooter!”

Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels will be available at a currently unannounced date in the near future, downloadable worldwide from the Mac App Store. The videogame will be priced at $4.99 USD, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels.


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