The Showdown Effect Beta Registration Now Live

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Electronic Theatre ImageParadox Interactive have today announced that they are giving gamers their chance to participate in the upcoming The Showdown Effect Beta. Gamers around the world are invited to channel their inner hero and sign-up now, before it’s too late.

In a world gone mad with anticipation and speculation, mankind has just one hope left to learn what The Showdown Effect was all about… by participating in the closedElectronic Theatre Image beta testing phase. Arrowhead Game Studios, the development team behind The Showdown Effect, promises an all-out, winner-take-all, last-executive-standing battle in which gamers can customise their action hero, grab a gun, and see if they can survive the cinematic madness and cheesy one-liners.

Kicking ass, taking names, and then kicking the asses of those names is all in a day’s work for The Showdown Effect, and you can sign-up for the upcoming beta at the official website right now: Electronic Theatre will be sure to keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other forthcoming titles from Paradox Interactive.


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