The Showdown Effect Receives Live Action Trailer

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Electronic Theatre ImageParadox Interactive, a publisher pushed to the edge, will do whatever it takes to make sure their action-packed 2.5D multiplayer combat title, The Showdown Effect, makes it to gamers in one piece. In a world where fast-paced combat meets over-the-top movie clichés, Paradox has opened the floodgates with the registration process for the upcoming The Showdown Effect Beta. But more than this, hey now show you exactly what you can be with a brand new live action trailer.

All it takes is a little courage, a small amount of dexterity and a lot of action-seeking, high-octane loving, ball busting nonsense. The live action trailer for The Showdown Effect follows below, and Electronic Theatre will be sure to keep you updated with all the latest details on this and other forthcoming titles from Paradox Interactive.


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