RuneScape Celebrates Christmas with New Event

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Electronic Theatre ImageChristmas is upon us, and in RuneScape that means that Santa needs some help! Jagex Games Studio is inviting gamers to join RuneScape for its fuzziest Christmas event yet: ‘A Stray in a Manger.’ A behind-the-scenes look at this new event, which is live now, is available right here at Electronic Theatre.

Players will be assisting Santa’s Snow Imp helper who has been left in charge of Pet Christmas. He needs help rounding up a few stray dogs to act as his reindeer so that he can deliver all the presents to the pets ofElectronic Theatre Image RuneScape. Once the dogs have done their duty and dropped off all their presents, players will be given the opportunity to adopt one of the stray dogs and give it home in a customisable kennel in a variety of RuneScape locations.

Players will be able to unlock further customisations for their kennel by swapping Gifts of Giving with other players, unlocking bowls, mats, dog toys and flea circuses in the process. For more information about this content update, why not check out the behind-the-scenes video below, and stay right here at Electronic Theatre for all the latest updates to Jagex Games Studio’s RuneScape.


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