New Crusader Kings II DLC Now Available

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Electronic Theatre ImageParadox Interactive has today released the latest downloadable content (DLC) for the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II. Known as Crusader Kings II: The Republic, this new expansion is available now via all major digital download portals.

“The tremendous success of Crusader Kings II means a great deal to us, and not just as a personal achievement,” said Johan Andersson, Studio Manager for Paradox Development Studio. “Our vision was to create a challenging game experience Electronic Theatre Imagethat continues to reward gamers over time, combining unlimited freedom and huge replayability, a certain level of complexity and lots of passion for game development. I can’t tell you how happy and proud we are to see Crusader Kings II embraced by so many people.”

Crusader Kings II: The Republic is available to download from today, acting as an expansion to the original videogame. Crusader Kings II: The Republic is priced at $9.99 USD, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest releases from Paradox Interactive.


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