Kingdom Under Fire II ‘Shield Keep Town’ Mission Detailed

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Electronic Theatre ImageLast month Electronic Theatre hosted a new gameplay video for the highly anticipated Kingdom Under Fire II. Following that release, the developer has revealed new details on the gameplay seen in the video, from the weapons and abilities to the enemies they vanquished.

After the first closed beta test in Korea, BLUESIDE have added many new systems and contents to Kingdom Under Fire II. First to be introduced is the darkened sky, with night time gameplay being a brand new feature. In the screenshots below you can see the technique of hundreds of dynamic lights performing without any lack, thanks to the strong performance of BLUESIDE engine. ‘Dynamic Light’ is a technique that lights up the surroundings like a light bulb in a stand. Generally the more lights that are placed, the more of a burden the process becomes. The BLUESIDE engine can arrange up to a thousand Dynamic Lights without affecting the videogame’s performance.

 Electronic Theatre Image

Hundreds of Dynamic Light expressing the realistic night view of the Shield Keep Town

The next feature that you will have seen in the gameplay video is the skill changes in the Hero Characters. The previous concept only focussed on attacking the enemy units, however the second closed beta test has changed to wide range skills which could eliminate many enemies in a short time. The latest build of Kingdom Under Fire II also allowed for changes in skill setting, with the skills showing different physical and visual effects. These skills are connected easily to the right combo to allow players to perform eye-catching combo moves.

In the Shield Keep Town mission video you will have seen various skills available to players of level 30. In the case of the Gunslinger, you can watch a scene about him firing a flare and then performing a strong skill called “Bombing” which bombards to the flare location from the Battaloon. One of the most impressive skills of the Spellsword is when she spurts out her decoys around the area and causes strong explosions called “Ice Explosion” anywhere her multiple decoys passes. Also in the video, the Berserker performs a skill called “Blood Squall” that continuously blasts fire. There is also an impressive skill that attracts the enemies while giving damage and then giving lethal combos through the strong skill called “Dark Magnetism”.

 Electronic Theatre Image

A Battle Scene of Gunslinger using the Bombing Skill

Electronic Theatre Image 

Scene of Spellsword making an Ice Explosion Skill Cast

 Electronic Theatre Image

Berserker is attracting enemies with the skill “Dark Magnetism” and consecutively casting the “Blood Squall” skill.


In the Shield Keep Town mission, defence is a massive factor for which players have to sustain themselves under the pressure of the enemy’s continuous attacks.

 Electronic Theatre Image

Undead units that crash in massively

Electronic Theatre Image

 Undead monster and Warghoul which serveral skins, muscles, and etc. are mixed

 Electronic Theatre Image

Electronic Theatre ImageElectronic Theatre ImageElectronic Theatre Image

Orcs which have transform into zombies, Gnoll zombies, Ogre zombies

 Electronic Theatre Image

This is a figure of Lich who controls the undead. Due to his endless desire toward magic power the former human wizard has transformed into an undead Lich.


The Lich is a sorcerer who has become an undead himself which desired for a human body that can goes beyond limits. Celes, who has appeared in the first closed beta test, wanted to change the continent of Bersia into darkness again. The Lich agrees with Celes, and brings his undead army to theShieldKeepTown to spread seeds there. Lich continuously summons a pack of zombies of Gnoll zombies and Ogre zombies, and uses “Dark Mist” which can slow down the enemy’s movement and “Dark Meteo” which can be seen in a purple colour in the movie.

 Electronic Theatre Image

Dark Meteo which is a strong attack that Lich uses


BLUESIDE have promised to continuously reveal new contents of the forthcoming Kingdom Under Fire II through new gameplay videos. Electronic Theatre will of course keep you update with each new video as they become available, is addition to any other Kingdom Under Fire II details made available in the run up to the official launch of the videogame.


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