Diablo Creator: ‘I have always wanted to make a Marvel themed, Diablo-style MMO’

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Ahead of the launch of the forthcoming Marvel Heroes Electronic Theatre was given the opportunity to put some questions to industry luminary David Brevik. Often considered one of the most influential designers in the action-role playing game (RPG) genre, Brevik is credited with co-creating the phenomenally popular Diablo series, and there’s very obvious reasons as to why this achievement is reflected in the upcoming Marvel Heroes.

“We’ve been working on the game for about three years now.” States Brevik when questioned about the progress of Marvel Heroes at his development studio, Gazillion Entertainment. “We make design changes all the time as we’re trying to make a great game, but on the whole of it the game design is largely similar to what we started out with. I have always wanted to make a Marvel themed, Diablo-style MMO.”

Of course, the action-RPG genre would be a very different beat without the success of Diablo, but that doesn’t mean Brevik is about to lie down and accept that his biggest accomplishment is already behind him: “We wanted to create a different type of MMO. Something no one had ever made before by combining the Action-RPG with an MMO. By combining the intense action and button mashing of an Action-RPG with the social and dynamic interactions of an MMO we are creating an original gaming experience that is very different from what may have been envisioned for this product long ago.”

Marvel Heroes has been developed under the watchful eye of Marvel – as are most of the licensed products featuring the company’s properties – and has been designed with the core Marvel Universe audience in mind. That’s not to say it’s appeal won’t reach beyond this however, with a videogame structure that will resonate with videogame fans who may never have even picked up a comic book.

“The actual gameplay will be very similar to the way Diablo II was created,” Offers Brevik. “And since the overall story is about Dr. Doom, I would guess you could put it all together.”

While no official release date for Marvel Heroes has yet been announced, it’s currently expected to be available to all later this year. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Marvel Heroes, including the full question and answer session with David Brevik next week.


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