Rayman Fiesta Run Q&A Revealed

Ubisoft recently announced that legendary platform videogame hero, Rayman, will be back this autumn on smartphones and tablets in a brand new adventure, Rayman Fiesta Run. Following the success of Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Fiesta Run will introduce players to a new wacky Fiesta world, […]
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Electronic Theatre ImageUbisoft recently announced that legendary platform videogame hero, Rayman, will be back this autumn on smartphones and tablets in a brand new adventure, Rayman Fiesta Run. Following the success of Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Fiesta Run will introduce players to a new wacky Fiesta world, and Ubisoft has revealed a brand new question and answer (Q&A) session to explain just what this means for fans.

Gamers will lunge for cocktail umbrellas, leap on limes and punch piñatas in this playful, colourful musical adventure. Rayman comes equipped with new powers and bonuses to take-on seventy five levels in four brand new worlds. Electronic Theatre ImageThe official Q&A for Rayman Fiesta Run follows below, verbatim from Ubisoft, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details.



Interview with Abdelhak Elguess – Senior Producer

  1. 1.       Video games are in the midst of a digital revolution: what do all the new digital distribution channels, nomadic devices, second screens and other new hardware bring to developers?

For VG developers, the arrival of new digital distribution channels, new platforms and new hardware feels like Christmas… The Wii, for example, democratized gaming like no other…exploding into the living room and offering us the opportunity to reach out and touch a whole new group of people who might otherwise have never played a game in their life!

Today, given the variety and penetration of hand-held platforms, there is pretty much always a device on and ready to use. In two clicks, I can be playing, whether it’s for a minute or hours at a time…

Touch tablets already feel like old friends, familiar and comfortable.  People play the same way they surf the net, phone and text, consult photos and videos—with their fingers! So we are all much less apprehensive about checking out new games; and games that deserve a wider audience are reaching a greater number of people.

  1. 2.       How does Rayman Fiesta Run explore these new possibilities? What makes it a great mobile game?

We explore new digital avenues aggressively and accessibility is our focus, as it was with Rayman Legends most recently. We don’t think, we know everyone likes to play and we want to make that possible. A pipe dream? Maybe. But we’ll keep on keepin’ on.

That’s why we’re introducing two important new features with Fiesta Run: the “Perfect Run” and “Invasion Mode”.

The “Perfect Run” as its name indicates displays the ideal path for players to attain a perfect score, in other words, it teaches you exactly where you need to go to collect every single Lum in every level.  We playtested the guide system with kids who Electronic Theatre Imagewere having trouble getting a perfect score playing “Jungle Run”. When we saw their eyes light up with the thrill of success, we realized how priceless a little leg-up can be sometimes…

Invasion Mode, like the ‘hardcore’ Land of the Living Dead, exists to challenge the most skilled and determined achievers among us—the “Perfect Run” is still available in this mode by the way…just in case!

  1. 3.       Rayman games emphasize the fun of friendly couch competition, focusing on bringing people together to share the experience. Can friends play Rayman Fiesta Run together?

The brand, with Rayman and his pals at the heart, has always been about adventure, wide-eyed discovery; laughs and surprises; but especially about friends… And while there’s no raucous ‘friendly fire’ or coop play in this title, players can still share their progress through Rayman Fiesta Run via the in-game World Map. It’s just another way of taking advantage of how these new platforms help keep us connected every day.

  1. 4.       What is theme of Rayman Fiesta Run?

Start salivating…! “GourmandLand”, one of Rayman’s best-loved worlds has been expanded into this year’s imaginative and wildly entertaining runner games for smartphones and tablets:  Rayman Fiesta Run!  Put on your bouncing shoes and break out those maracas… It’s time to hop, skip, jump, kick and punch your way through over 75+ delicious partying levels!

  1. 5.       Has the UbiArt framework evolved? What kind of improvements does Rayman Fiesta Run benefit from?

Rayman Fiesta Run takes advantage of the latest UbiArt Framework enhancements, including greater depth-of-field and improved lighting techniques. Dive into the Z-plane! Thanks to these improvements, gameplay takes you deeper into Rayman’s world by allowing players to jump back and forth between the beautiful and playable fore- and backgrounds.

  1. 6.       Could you describe the gameplay in Rayman Fiesta Run?

In this auto-run game, players pilot Rayman (and later unlock Globox and the Teensies) across the screen by running, jumping and flying, and will need to avoid or destroy obstacles and knock out enemies thanks to Super-Punch and other powers. Plus, we’ve added two new abilities. Now we can swim and (contextually) shrink down into a miniature version of our character Electronic Theatre Imagefor even more hilarious and dynamic interactions (the mini-heroes are killer cute). You can always earn or swap Lums for extra Hearts for a little more security; and the new “Perfect Run” feature can show you how to finish a level if you’re stuck, and even how to get a perfect score without missing a single Lum!

  1. 7.       Could you tell us a bit more about the Invasion Mode?

For an even bigger challenge, take it to a new level with the Invasion Mode! When you obtain a perfect score in any level, you unlock its new version with entirely different enemies and traps who have invaded from another environment of Rayman Fiesta Run! Also, play Invasion Mode to obtain additional Lums to get more in-game power-ups and collectibles (e.g., screen-savers, costumes for your Teensies, Globox and Rayman).

  1. 8.       What kind of social features does Rayman Fiesta Run have?

There are several ways to share Rayman Fiesta Run with friends! Connect with Facebook to see who is playing, check out the leaderboards and invite friends to play or share their progress and achievements on their own Facebook page. You can also follow your friends’ progress on The Fiesta Run World Map and try and beat them to the finish!

  1. 9.       What can I do with Lums?

Lums are also the in-game currency of Rayman Fiesta Run. Players can earn Lums by collecting them throughout the game and exchange them for power-ups, like Hearts and the Super Punch, as well as new playable characters, costumes and wallpapers.


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