Electronic Theatre Preview: Shadow Warrior – A Day in the Life of Lo Wang

My name is Lo Wang. I am a hired goon for an international business mogul; the kind of man who does most of his business off the books with a sword in his hand, if you catch my drift. My latest assignment is a weird […]
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Electronic Theatre ImageMy name is Lo Wang. I am a hired goon for an international business mogul; the kind of man who does most of his business off the books with a sword in his hand, if you catch my drift. My latest assignment is a weird one, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a little more curious than I should be, but regardless the important thing is that it pays well. And it pays well because I’m good at what I do.

It’s a long drive, but I’ve got some bangin’ tunes to pass the time. It’s all about looking the part in this game, but driving down these lonely windy roads and ricocheting my tyres from curb to curb as if I own the whole damn thing sure makes me feel the part too. This is the lifestyle that comic book stories are made of, and I’m living it. But again it’s only because I’m Electronic Theatre Imagegood at what I do; and what I do comes around all too soon as I arrive at my destination. A quintessentially Japanese fortress in the middle of nowhere – otherwise known as a stereotype that doesn’t pull any punches – I’m here to trade money for a sword. Two million dollars in a brief case for a lousy sword? How could anyone resist?

First thing I notice amongst the red walls, cherry blossom trees and koi ponds is that everyone is armed. Everybody here is carrying a sword and they all look as though they’re prepared to use them. I, on the other hand, am not just prepared; I was born to slice n’ dice. I’m here for the Nobitsura Kage, and regardless of its value I’m not leaving without it.

As I walk through the temple and encounter my contact, Mizayaki, who proves less than pleased to see me. I try to convince him to make the trade but he’s having none of it, so it’s only a moment before blades are flying at me. These are poorly trained work-a-day guards that have probably only been in combat once or twice – if at all – and so I quickly cut my way through. Literally. A Electronic Theatre Imagedozen-or-so fallen bodies and I’m confronted with my contact who immediately disarms me with some strange magic. This does not bode well.

They break me. I awake tied to a chair in front of a monitor as my boss debates with my captor. All of a sudden my employer seems to change focus and begin talking to someone who seems to have appeared in front of him back at home base, while the unhappy Mizayaki hurries to leave; just enough time to drug me and throw me in a cage of course. Today is not my day.

As I come to I notice a strange person – or, thing – leaving a weapon outside my cage. I’m certain I saw him, her… it when I was under the enemy’s spell. Regardless, I’m not about to look a gift sword in the mouth. My sword, the money and everyone else seems to have left; it’s time to grab this freebie and get my ass the hell out of dodge.

Cutting through the padlock on my cage I find the door ahead is also locked, requiring some keycard to gain access. Luckily for me – though unlucky for him – I find a gentlemen who didn’t quite get the message when everyone else hightailed it out of here. He won’t be needing his gun any more, I figure, nor his keycard. In situations like this all it takes is a little brainsElectronic Theatre Image and a lot of skill, and I’ve got just the right amount of both. Wandering into the building I see some… thing massacring a corpse across the other side of an open plan room. It hasn’t noticed me, but to be safe I take it down with a swift and precise shot to the back of the head. It looks human, but has spikes protruding from its arms and shoulders. The body it was attacking has obviously been dead for some time. This doesn’t look good.

Making my way out the back I find a field full of these… things. And this time they know I’m here. They’re quick, but their flesh is soft. I put away the pistol and use that which has always served me best: cold, sharp steel. I cut through two dozen of them before making my way across a bridge and find a house burning to the ground, yet the only way out is beyond it. Or rather, through it. I take to the scaffolding along the near side and enter the top floor; I figure Electronic Theatre Imagethere’s less chance of burning falling on me if there’s less burning wood above me. Sound logic? Sure, if you overlook the fact that I’m the one likely to do the falling.

Landing on the ground floor I find Mizayaki out for the count, and the mysterious persecutor and aide all too willing to work with me. It’s clear that if I should strike a deal he’s likely to benefit far more than I am, but as he informs be that an army of demons is outside and I’m barely able to walk it’s hardly a strong position to negotiate from. I accept. He touches my hand and immediately I find myself on my feet. I’m Lo Wang, and this is no ordinary mission for a company shogun.


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