Electronic Theatre Preview: Cabals: The Card Game

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            The recent launch of an Open Beta testing phase for Cabals: The Card Game affords those eager to get started on the game the opportunity to do just that. As a virtual Trading Card Game (TCG), establishing a keen understanding of the rules is imperative for any player, especially when entering the world of online competition, and so while much of the game may be altered or re-shaped prior to the release of the final build, establishing an understanding of the core ruleset is an important asset, and something which Electronic Theatre recently endeavoured to achieve.

            Like many TCGs, Cabals: The Card Game at first appears a fairly complicated game. The current beta build only allows for one-off ‘Quick Challenge’ matches with a randomly generated deck, but this isElectronic Theatre Imageenough to offer players an understanding of what the game will eventually be like. These matches are against human opposition also, so diving straight into the game without a brief read through the provided rule rundown is not recommended.

            Starting with your randomly generated deck (which of course can be built from scratch in the final game) of thirty cards, the player has six cards in-hand, and one Hero Card with a unique ability that can be activated once per game. Battles take place on a board featuring twenty-one ‘cabals’, in which cards are to be placed. Each turn, cards can be moved one space across the board, with the idea being to reach locations which offer resource bonuses, in turn allowing you to introduce new cards into play. The game ends when one player has successfully built a stock of sixty domination points, earned automatically each turn for every location currently under your control.

            It’s not quite that straight-forward of course, and things get considerably more complicated when taking combat into account. The combat itself is fairly straight forward – each card has a number denoting its strength, and the Electronic Theatre Imagecard with the greater strength will always win the fight – however there are a number of modifiers that can be added should you have certain cards. It’s wholly possible for what is seemingly the weakest card on the board to take down one with three times the strength, should the correct abilities come into play.

            Cabals: The Card Game is an entertaining game at present, but it’s clear that for the necessary level of interest to develop the game needs a sense of progression: earning new cards, learning about how best to use them and then incorporating that into your deck strategy. Just as with any TCG – virtual or otherwise – the success of Cabals: The Card Game will hinge on the eagerness of it’s community, and given the lack of trouble finding a match even this early on in the Open Beta testing phase, things are certainly looking positive for the game’s launch later this summer.





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