New Alt-Minds Trailer Arrives

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Following the debut teaser, Lexis Numérique and Orange have revealed a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Alt-Minds, revealing much more about the ways in which the player can interact with the universe. Alt-Minds will be playable across PC, social media, smartphone and tablet devices, with a range of different activities available on each format collating together into a single experience.

Alt-Minds is a different kind of videogame, merging different technologies to create an active participatory experience akin to a role-playing game (RPG). The player takes on the role of an investigator taking their part in unravelling a conspiracy. Those players who invest into the story and become key figures in the videogame could even become part of the events themselves. The Alt-Minds transmedia adventure is scheduled to start in autumn 2012, and will be available in Europe in English, French, German and Spanish. Electronic Theatre was recently invited for a behind the scenes look at Alt-Minds, and will bring you more details on the videogame later this week.


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