Kingdom Under Fire II Optimised for Low Spec Systems

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Electronic Theatre ImageBlueside has revealed a video about its current status of the development of optimised low specs of Kingdom Under Fire II. Fans have feared that the stunning visual quality of the videogame would demand very high-end PC hardware, but the developers of Kingdom Under Fire II are keen to emphasise this isn’t the case.

In this five minute video, Sung-kyun Kim the Development Product Manager of the Blueside Engine will make an explanation about the development of low specs mode and will answer questions and doubts about the PC specification of Kingdom Under Fire II that the gamers have. Mr. Kim Electronic Theatre Imageis currently developing the videogame to run smoothly when using graphic card Nvidia 7600 and will show you a gameplay using the old PC specs version and graphic card 7600.

The PC specs used in this video are Intel E8400 CPU, 2GB RAM, and Geforce 7600 graphic card which were popular among gamers in 2007~2008. Although it can be hard to play many recent online videogames due to the high-resolution graphics, as you will see in the video, this will not be a problem when you play Kingdom Under Fire II.

Mr. Kim acknowledges the fact that many gamers have feared that the videogame would require high PC specs due to high quality graphics and many units engaged in combat on the screen ant any one point, and Blueside has received many enquiries about this matter. Through this video the team hoped to have a chance to explain how Kingdom Under Fire II has been optimised low specifications. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Kingdom Under Fire II as it approaches release.


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