Electronic Theatre Preview: Coded Arms

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Electronic Theatre ImageCoded Arms is the first ever First-Person-Shooter (FPS) that  Konami have developed. Ever. So what have they given us here? The answer is quite a slick little title. The first thing you will notice is it gives you the opportunity to change the controls to what ever you feel is comfortable – which I feel is often overlooked by many games – to make it a comfortable, intuitive title.

The idea is that you have to work through a cyber universe blasting bugs and viruses toElectronic Theatre Image achieve your ends. This world is cleverly done, when you move into a different area of the map you see green code, like you are actually being loaded onto the screen and the same with appropriate messages when you pick up items, which really helps immerse yourself into this world effectively.

The game is in quite a dark setting which sometimes makes it difficult to see your enemies until they are  close up or shooting at you, but it really helps create the right kind of atmosphere. There isn’t a lock on system as such but a targeting reticule on screen will change colour and track the enemy until you move quickly and break that connection, which leaves you unable to rely solely on the feature to shoot and makes the player have to target more accurately.

You can tell there is still work to be done on this title but even so I believe it is a game to look forward to when it hits US shores before Christmas, although we have not been notified of a UK release yet.Electronic Theatre Image

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