Electronic Theatre Preview: Infected

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Electronic Theatre Image            Much has been discussed about the focus  of PlayStation Portable “Infection” with the very promising title Infected and the game’s general premise has been disclosed – run around a large environment, blasting everything. Yet, until this years’ Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), we hadn’t actually been given the chance to get hands-on with the title.

            Having now had an extensive playtest with the title, and as a by-product managed toElectronic Theatre Image batter one of the games’ developers repeatedly with the trusty ol’ shotgun, I can honestly that the title’s shaping up nicely. Featuring gorgeous polygon models, expansive environments and a very tight control-system (based, thankfully, purely on the PSPs’ analogue capacity) the gameplay becomes a hugely addictive experience.

            While, of course, we weren’t able to experience much of the “infection” experience – due to playing on show model PSPs and not our own – the Wi-Fi LAN gaming was nigh-on flawless. Having a screen full of zombies and living players was all in the PSPs’ stride and offering tidy environments without any drops in frame-rate made a move to dispel many worries about the titles eventual release. The short, sharp play (the demo build was limited to 3-minute bursts) equating to a parallel with the PSPs’ intended use, it’s hard to find any PSP titles that are currently feeling any more impressive or dutiful. Electronic Theatre Image          -END-

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