Electronic Theatre Preview: MediEvil Resurrection

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Electronic Theatre Image            In a contradictory move to most people’s pre-established opinions, SONY choose to show MediEvil Resurrection is a fully playable final build at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and it’s more than a  mere remake. Featuring a total of 18 Levels, mini-games and a Wi-Fi LAN option, MediEvil Resurrection is poised to not only lead SONY Computer Entertainment Europe’s (SCEE) flourishing run in PlayStation Portable (PSP) releases, but also to be this years Halloween big-hitter.

            To begin with, the follow-up to what is often revered as the most humorous expedition on Electronic Theatre Imagethe PSone seems rather disjointed and unconvincing as a work of progress from it’s predecessor, but soon  the title develops into a worthwhile expedition from simply conveying a feeling of being incredibly rewarding.

            Presenting intuitive controls through the PSPs’ analogue system, MediEvil Resurrection displays a green targeting reticule throughout (which turns red once you encounter an enemy) to not only display the angle of your projectile weapons but also the angle at which your avatar is considered to be running – a simple technique that prevents any of the usual slipping-off-edges commonly hindering similar 3D platform affairs.

            Each weapon varies drastically in its ability and certain equipment acts both as an individual in yourElectronic Theatre Image armoury as well as a utensil for solving puzzles. The life of a specific weapon is denoted by a small figure below the item on your Inventory Screen and each attack which makes contact with anything will lower this figure; adding an extra level of depth to the usual puzzle-solving requirements. Both horizontal and vertical attacks are available still and the variety of enemies is incredibly extensive.

            The common belief of MediEvil Resurrection was that the title would appear as merely a graphical update to the first title. This is clearly not the case, as the title comes with an original storyline, freshly designed Levels and mini-games and an amazing graphical update. As this title was the final build, it’s clear that SONY have no intention of missing the scheduled release date which, for Europe at least, is currently in “the launch window”, according to the SCEE Executive present.   -END-

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