Electronic Theatre Preview: Pac-Man World 3

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Electronic Theatre Image            Although it may not be top of many PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners’ lists, Pac-Man World 3 even in its current build is a reliable, fun gameplay experience. Despite being a sequel and following all the general-sequel rules, in its present state there’s enough here to recommend the title over previous Pac-Man World outings.

            The Levels are totally free-roaming and bounding about can easily be shifted between Electronic Theatre Imagethe “advised” route (marked by the common little yellow Pac-Pills) and wandering wherever your investigating feet take you. The enemies are varied and Pac-Man has a variety of moves in his arsenal to take them down. While pretty generic platform gaming appears to be the order of the day, the feeling of playing the title stands-up to even that of the original Super Mario64 – gasp!

            The graphics are solid and, although the title probably shouldn’t have been shown on the stand next to the GameCube version, it easily matches polygon-for-polygon with the PlayStation2 version.

            There’s still a fair-way to go before release, and if the subsequent level design is on par with that shown, the PSP has its first great platform game on it’s – and in yours – hands. Electronic Theatre Image













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