Electronic Theatre Preview: The Con

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Electronic Theatre ImageThe Con is a 3D fighting game for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). There were four characters to choose from in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) build – although there will be many more to play in the final cut. They have a variety of different fighting styles, each with they’re own advantages and disadvantages. For example the wrestler is one of the strongest available to play, but she was also slower, whereas the martial artist was much quicker but not as powerful.

The only mode available was a quick fight in a two player; however you could play up to four Electronic Theatre Imageplayers with a Wi-Fi connection from the looks of things. This mode was a simple one-on-one fight, but is suggested to feature a tag-team type of fight, although there has been no conformation on this.

When actually fighting it is quite difficult to pull of combos as it seems to be very timed, you have to really concentrate on what your character is doing all the time. You cannot block as such, just leaning backwards, forwards, left and right in the style of boxing games.

You can also play a fake move or ‘con’ where you go to throw a punch but don’t. I see that when getting into the game it may provide some use but playing it for the first time I found it more of a hindrance as it left you very open and didn’t seem to really do much. It was also quite slow so I ended up not really bothering and just got on with it, like I say once you’d got used to the game I could see it being useful but initially it’s not something to bother with.

This game Electronic Theatre Imagewas enjoyable to play (even though I did get interrupted by a guy, which totally lost me the match!) but I wouldn’t consider it to be anything you hadn’t played before, it didn’t have a particular aspect which made it stand out in the E3 demonstration version, it would be worth a go if you had money burning a hole in your pocket and had nothing else to buy.       -END-

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