Electronic Theatre Preview: Lemmings

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Electronic Theatre ImageFor the last sixteen years games the world other have, on multiple formats, spent hours guiding hordes of green haired creatures with a death wish to safety. Now they are back, Lemmings hits the PlayStation Portable this side of the pond on February 24th, 2006. Electronic Theatre Image            The PlayStation Portable release of Lemmings is, as ever, little different in its basic elements from the classic cult game. The player is set the seemingly straightforward task of guiding a team of Lemmings from the entrance where they enter a Stage to the exit. But there are two problems: one; the environments they have picked to travel through are somewhat fraught with danger, whether it is huge drops, flaming pools or one of a thousand other deadly menaces. But even worse, the Lemmings don’t have a brain cell between them. They will simply follow the leader to whichever doom the particular stage provides. Luckily for the player, and consequently the furry fools on-screen, Lemmings are extremely versatile and can perform a plethora of tasks on command from the player. These range from the simple, such as asking one Lemming to block a path to the much more entertaining Bomber, Floater and Basher commands.  Whether you are underground or in a sewer, there is something the Lemmings can do to save themselves, it just requires you pick the right options.             However,Electronic Theatre Image SONY have not left the game untouched. There are several new features. The headliner being the new Level Editor. For the first time, roles are reversed and the player can construct devilish terrain of his own, and be responsible for the death of droves of his charges. Not only can the player Save his created Level to the Memory Stick PRO Duo, he can now also utilize the in-built PSP Wi-Fi technology to upload his creations to a new Lemmings community online. The ability to share your own Levels and download others means this time the possibilities are endless. This time the sky isn’t a limit.

            The appeal of playing Lemmings on the go is obvious, and as long as crippling Loading Times are avoided then there should be no problem for Lemmings in increasing on a fan base already numbering some five million.






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