Electronic Theatre Preview: Warriors Orochi 2

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            Coming to the PlayStation Portable (PSP) later this year, Warriors Orochi 2 had a rather shy demonstration at last week’s Tecmo Koei Europe Launch Event, snugly tucked away in the corner with only two demonstration units available. Though, it must be said, with the event concentrating largely on Ninja Gaiden Σ 2, those two units remained available for use for much of the event.

            That’s not to say that Warriors Orochi 2 isn’t an enjoyable game. Though it may be obvious as to why it was overshadowed by Team Ninja’s PLAYSTATION 3 tour de force, it remained an agreeable play experience in its own right. Utilising the home console versions’ Dream Mode as its main gameplay element, Warriors Orochi 2 provides eighty characters, each with their own side of the story. In the preview version, only three of these characters were available at prescribed levels.

            Son Zang, Zhang He and Magoichi Saika were available to play on a quest to rescue Tien Shai, supporting an attack by other characters. Electronic Theatre ImageThe maps were well presented and the variety in enemy characters reflects exactly that of the home console releases, giants and enemy towers included. The game also feature an Infrastructure based two-player Co-Operative Mode, requiring each player to have a copy of the game. Though unplayable in the preview version, the names of the four available multi-player modes were presented; Tag Team, Steeple Chase, Eliminator, Tower and Versus.

            Warriors Orochi 2 has been suggested for arrival in Europe this September, however, with Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 being touted as Tecmo Koei Europe’s first release you could predict it Warriors Orochi 2 would follow shortly after. Electronic Theatre will of course keep you updated.




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