Electronic Theatre Preview: Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

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Electronic Theatre ImageStill in its early stages, as it has no official release date, is Ace Combat X: Skies Of Deception on the PSP. A Combat Flight Simulator, there are a number of aircraft to choose from to take into battle. In this early demo version there was the choice of four selectable modern fighters to use from a Russian Mig, a USAF Fighter and British Tornados.

            Due to it being more of a Simulator, at the moment there is a full HUD display Electronic Theatre Imageon-screen showing the horizon line, altitude, weapons selected and location of enemy fighters. All the information is clear and visible without obstructing any of the action, although there wasn’t much going on anyway.

            Keeping a fighter in the centre of the HUD when close enough enables a Lock-On for a Missile to be fired, but ensuring the enemy stays in the centre is a little trickier and not doing so will result in the Missile missing its target. There are also Machine Guns for slightly closer combat.

            Unfortunately detail was thin-on-the-ground at this stage with only a blue sky and a green floor to fight within, and the enemy fighters never came into view, the only indication that they were there was from the HUD display which marks them in green until close enough for a Lock-On which turns the indicator red.

            Flying back-and-forth all over the place trying to keep targets in sight was fun and didn’t feel like an ordeal using the PSP’s Analogue Nub to its fullest, never feeling like keeping-up was going to be a problem or inaccurate.

            A developer said they had lots of ideas for Ace Combat X: Skies Of Deception with a possible twenty playable real-life planes and a few of their own imaginings for fighters put in for good measure; it might turn out well for the PSP, but if previous incarnations are to go by, then it may sink before it can swim.   




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