Electronic Theatre Preview: Coded Arms: Contagion

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Electronic Theatre Image           While most people were content to play FPSs on the Nintendo64 with only one analogue stick, it has become evident since that the freedom of movement allowed through two sticks is clearly superior. Therefore it does seem a little strange that the PSP was designed with a single analogue nub. Despite this glaring omission, developers are still keen to make numerous FPSs for the console, perhaps the most prominent of these being Coded Arms, Konami’s hacker themed sci-fi shooter. Although hardly anything special, Coded Arms was a decent enough game and, as such, we’re hoping that it’s sequel Coded Arms: Contagion will build on the strong parts of the original.

Unfortunately it seems little has changed. Control is still inaccurate and the Electronic Theatre Imageenemy AI is still incredibly dumb. There is also little in the way of animation with shots fired having little impact on enemies and lacking any kind of muzzle flash. This making firing unsatisfying and players are unsure as to if they have actually hit the foe they are aiming at.

Fortunately it seems that good parts of the original are back too. Randomly generated levels and upgradeable weapons are still present and despite its flaws, the game it still quite playable.

Coded Arms: Contagion is nothing special graphically and seems to have improved little on the original. Unfortunately the demo had issues with framerate, strange considering the lack of graphical flair it displayed.

Coded Arms: Contagion isn’t really anything to get exited about if the E3 2006 demo is anything to go by. It’s pretty likely that it will have some new features when it is finally released and fans of the original should enjoy this iteration, however, if you didn’t like the original, you won’t like this.Electronic Theatre Image


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