Electronic Theatre Preview: Dead Head Fred

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Electronic Theatre Image            Appearing as a bizarre creation of Platforming minds, Dead Head Fred actually finds itself in a field quite overwhelmed with similar offerings. Following fairly generic Platform traditions, the title plays much-like Death Jr. with the interesting feature being interchangeable Heads. Pressing the R Trigger brings a Wheel Menu from which an alternative Head can be selected – each with different and unexplainable abilities. One Head may offer higher-jumps, whereas another may allow you to scale fences and a third provide extended combat manoeuvres.

            The game plays very much as a generic Platform title with little to distinguish it form Electronic Theatre Imageit’s peers other than the above mentioned Unique Selling-Point. Major issues with Collision Detection, Frame-Rate and sticking-areas from which the only escape is a System Reset only further the dissatisfaction with a title that seems to set-out to disappoint. Graphically, the title is well-paced, but with a lack of Character Models on-screen and a ridiculous amount of repletion from each, it’s no surprise that Dead Head Fred is at least competent.

            Some major work is required to prepare this title for release and, given its early 2007 date, there’s more than enough time to turn these basics into something altogether more playable. However, the biggest question right now is whether or not anyone will actually bother.




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