Electronic Theatre Preview: Juiced: Eliminator

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Electronic Theatre Image            Coming out later this year for the PlayStation Portable is update of the hit racer Juiced on the PlayStation2 and Xbox. Juiced: Eliminator is actually a port from the Xbox version, under the new title.

Electronic Theatre Image            It’s almost finished, at around ninety percent complete, and looks like a good update of the series for Sony’s PSP. All the previous ideas have still been implemented with Nitrous, Mods and loads of tracks to play on. New editions to this version include new tracks and lots more cars to race and tinker with. There are the normal Race, Sprint, Time-Trial, and Drift challenges to keep the Single-Player Mode going and there is the Multi-Player Mode to test your skills with any mates nearby.

            Being a port from the Xbox, the PSP does very well handling the graphics, looking very close to the original, with no pop-up, slow-down and a good sense of speed. The cars look accurate and have enough detail to ensure they all look realistic and close to the originals.

            But it’s not all good news – and this is where the controls come under the spot light. Racing games need good controls, hurtling cars around a break neck speeds, finely-tuning the entry into a corner or drifting round a corner, there needs to be precise control and Juiced: Eliminator just doesn’t do it. With either the D-Pad or the Electronic Theatre ImageAnalogue Nub the cars feel heavy, there’s no perkiness to them having to really drag them round the corners even with Nitrous. Then there’s the handbrake; normally expecting to flick the back end of the car out to enable a sweet drift round the corner instead sends the car into a wild spin usually resulting in a one-eighty to watch the car behind hurtle past and lose that personal best time. This is worrying in a game that is virtually completed and might not be addressed.

            There’s a little while to tweak these indiscretions but I would be surprised if they do, never the less Juiced: Eliminator looks to be shaping-up to be an average Racer for the PSP, but it’s a platform that needs something astounding.




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