Electronic Theatre Preview: Star Trek Tactical Assault

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Electronic Theatre ImageStar Trek is a Science Fiction brand with a fanbase rivalled by few. Henceforth, any Star Trek game has a decent chance of being a strong-seller. This makes development of a licensed game a highly sought-after objective by many software houses for obvious reasons. Next to try their luck with the classic brand are Bethesda Softworks, but, to the possible disappointment of Star Trek fans, Star Trek: Tactical Assault is not a huge open-ended RPG.

Electronic Theatre ImageTaking place in the era of Captain Kirk, Star Trek: Tactical Assault is a Tactical Starship Simulation, possibly not everybody’s first choice for a PSP game. The game is stated for release on both NintendoDS and PSP, and both share the same storyline. The Star Trek: Tactical Assault takes place over thirty Missions which are playable both as the Klingon Empire and the United Federation Of Planets. The main game is stated to be twenty-hours in length with Skirmish and Local Multi-Player Modes extending the life of the title. The actual control of the ship is similar to how it is portrayed in the series; a planned engagement. Players can raise the Alert Level through Green to Yellow and finally Red, each automatically charging systems suitable for that level of engagement. The user can also use the ships auxiliary power to Overcharge their weapons, engines and shields to adapt to the situation at hand. Although the NintendoDS version places itself as a hardcore tactical experience, the PSP version favours a slightly more Arcade style suited more to the D-Pad set-up of the PlayStation Portable. Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the PSP is controlled through a combination of the Face Buttons and L and R Triggers. Controls are unfortunately quite complexElectronic Theatre Image and are not something the average PSP gamer is likely to warm to. Although players are in control of when the guns fire, they are already aimed automatically. This gives Star Trek: Tactical Assault a slow, tactics-based style. Battles feel automated and a lack of player engagement makes Star Trek: Tactical Assault a game that doesn’t seem ideal for the PSP.

Star Trek: Tactical Assault for the PSP features some fairly well drawn Ship Models and Real-Time Lighting; however, it seems unlikely that this will restore that much playability to the title. While the NintendoDS version shows some promise, albeit hardly a huge amount, the PSP version seems doomed to be inferior despite its technological advantage.





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