Electronic Theatre Preview: Tekken: Dark Resurrection

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Electronic Theatre ImageBeing a series that has always been a sure-fire hit with PlayStation fans it comes as no surprise that few titles on the PSP are anticipated as much as Namco’s portable fighter; Tekken: Dark Resurrection. Featuring new characters; such as the angry looking, angry sounding Dragonov, as well as a wealth of returning characters from the series, Tekken: Dark Resurrection would seem at first glance to be the portable title Beat-‘Em-Up fans have searched for since they invested their cash in SONY’s handheld.

Thankfully it seems that the prayers of the Tekken faithful have been answered, as thisElectronic Theatre Image year’s E3 Preview Code plays just like its predecessors. Controls are set-out just as before and masters of Tekken’s timing-based combat should feel right at home. Although likely that the demo was built for the show, the bane of PSP owners – ridiculous Loading Times – were mercifully not present.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is not just a remix of the current titles either. Online play and character customisation are also included. Through fighting each player can earn money with which to buy costumes and accessories for their favourite combatants. Two-Player Wireless play is also available for those wishing to test their mettle against local adversaries.

Graphically, Tekken: Dark Resurrection shapes-up very well against it’s PlayStation2 counterparts. It also features limited destructible environments, although the demo showed that they were nowhere near as explosive as those found in Dead or Alive.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection is looking like it could be very good, not just for gamers, but for a system desperately in need of some must-have titles.




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