Electronic Theatre Preview: Ultimate Ghouls N’ Ghosts

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Electronic Theatre Image            Ultimate Ghouls N’ Ghosts is a step into the past for PSP owners. Playing in the same insanely difficult 2D plane as Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts, this new edition feature a whole host of modern updates.

Electronic Theatre Image            As with many modernisations of yesteryear’s 2D hits, Ultimate Ghouls N’ Ghosts features many 3D-rendered Boss Fights. Graphically, the title has been brought bang-up-to-date while retaining the playability of the original title. New additions include a greater Armour System in which the player now has more than two-or-three Hit-Points before death dependant on the Armour they have collected, as well as offering immediate Re-spawns as opposed to sending the player back to the beginning of the Level no matter what progress they’ve made.

            The difficulty is set to remain peaked at ridiculous whilst the game offers far more alternative routes and open-ended play. For once, the PSP control actually feels natural, but then, it would be hard to create a sloppy version of a game which only requires the D-Pad and one Attack Button for complete control. The title is due out imminently in the US with a UK release penned-in for the Autumn, and die-hard fans who’ve been waiting for that true-sequel for nigh-on fifteen-years and likely to be waiting with baited-breath, and are unlikely to be disappointed.Electronic Theatre Image












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