Electronic Theatre Preview: Undead Knights

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Due to arrive in Europe in early 2010, Tecmo Koei Europe’s PlayStation Portable (PSP) exclusive is one of the most unique gaming propositions currently on the console’s release schedule. Undead Knights has already garnered much attention thanks to the publishers’ interesting marketing agenda, but it’s the game itself that has sparked interest amongst the most discerning PSP gamers.

Undead Knights plays as a Puzzle-Adventure game most closely comparable to Nintendo’s well respected Pikmin, though obviously with a much darker aesthetic. The player must defeat enemies and raise their corpses as their own undead army to complete puzzle objectives and fell greater enemies. Your undead horde is controlled very intuitively, editorcommentaryblip.JPGwith the Circle Button held to raise knights and the R Trigger to send forth your troops in the direction of the centre of the camera. Holding the R Trigger will command your knights to attacks the closest enemy, and extra troops can be literally thrown into battle as soon as they are raised.

The objectives seen in the sample Electronic Theatre had the opportunity to get hands-on with were fairly simplistic, though it was likely that this was in fact the opening mission. After raising your first set of knights and engaging in some aggressive combat whilst heavily outnumbered, the player must take down an enemy gate and storm an encampment. The environments aren’t particularly expansive and are wholly linear in design, but are nonetheless very detailed and presented well on the PSP’s high quality screen.

The quality of the aesthetic is mirrored in the character models, with many unique enemy models and our protagonist, Remus Blood, looking particularlyeditorcommentaryblip.JPG presentable. The European release is said to feature a different soundtrack from the US and Japanese versions, though it is not yet known how well this will fuse with the gameplay in the final build.

Undead Knights looks to be one of the most enticing releases on the PSP for early 2010. In a release list becoming more scant with every month, and the vast majority of titles set to be available on the systems being trimmed versions of their home console brethren, it’s nice to see some original work being offered on the format. Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Undead Knights, and other titles from Tecmo Koei Europe.



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