Electronic Theatre Preview: Michael Jackson: The Experience

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            Of all the versions of Ubisoft’s Michael Jackson: The Experience currently in development, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) version may appear to be the least tactile. Devoid of any motion control devices or touch controls, the PSP edition is a much simpler affair, but as has been proven by past successes in the Rhythm-Action genre, a control pad can provide just as addictive gameplay as any gesture-based mechanic.

            As with every other version of Michael Jackson: The Experience, the PSP game features numerous tracks from Michael Jackson’s back catalogue, tasking players with practicing hard to unlock his most famous songs. TheElectronic Theatre Image gameplay is suggested as taking the form of a traditional Rhythm-Action title, with the players asked to press the corresponding face button to that which is presented on-screen. As players progress, new venues will be available alongside the new tracks, leading to some of Michael Jackson’s most famous performances.

            In addition to the Rhythm-Action gameplay, Michael Jackson: The Experience on PSP will feature a series of mini-games and a quiz mode. Few details are available on how these extras will be offered within the package (whether they’ll be available form the start or unlockable rewards), but Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Michael Jackson: The Experience as it’s November release date approaches.



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