Electronic Theatre Preview: BUZZ! Master Quiz

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Electronic Theatre ImageWhen it comes to family based entertainment few games can rival the success of the BUZZ! quiz series on PlayStation2. With no less than seven previous releases under its belt, BUZZ! caters expertly for all ages; even the younger members of the family can get involved with the specially developed BUZZ! Junior range. So how will a game so revered for its ability to pull families together fare on PlayStation Portable. With its imminent release this Friday, July 25th, 2008, it remains to be seen whether the introduction of such a popular social game on said console will be to the detriment of its pulling power.

Electronic Theatre ImageWell, it seems that SONY and Relentless Software have considered this predicament and the result, though unlikely to rival the success of the original, deals with its pitfalls admirably. The social aspect of the game is not lost as it boasts both Single-Player and three Multi-Player Modes. Firstly, bringing a tactical edge to the game is Pass Around mode whereby the console is passed between players with the added capability to choose who should answer the next question. Secondly, one copy of the game can be shared among up to four PlayStation Portable console’s using the Game Sharing option, and finally Quiz Host mode allows for up to six players, with one individual adopting the role of Host to select and ask questions. As well as all these options there are also six new rounds specifically created for PSP, such as Picture This which requires players to identify the properties of a slowly emerging picture in the fastest time, and the aptly named Quickfire Challenge, to ensure that the competitive ‘buzz’ of the game is as healthy as ever.Electronic Theatre Image

The Single-Player need not despair either.  Despite the absence of the iconic BUZZ! Controllers, the PSP version of the game has progressed beyond the scope of previous BUZZ! games. The distinctive coloured buttons that allow for answer selection are adequately replaced by the four Face Buttons and the aesthetics and sound quality of the title are comparable to the original. Where the game really excels, however, is in its sheer enormity. With fifteen different quiz challenges, incorporating over three-thousand questions on multiple topics, trophies to collect and plenty of picture assets and videos, BUZZ! Master Quiz is sure to provide entertaining gameplay for many a miss-spent hour.







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