Electronic Theatre Preview: Patapon2

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Electronic Theatre Image            Announced at SONY’s Pre-E3 Press Conference (although having already been unveiled by Electronic Theatre days before), Patapon 2 is the sequel to this Easter’s similarly named Patapon.


            Having been deemed one of the PlayStation Portable’s mostElectronic Theatre Image compelling titles – alongside LocoRoco, which also has had the benefit of having a sequel announced at this year’s show – fans of the first title can expect more of the same; only bigger.

            Details are still scarce, but what we do know is that the developers have had time to work through a handful of features they had hoped to include in the first title, yet were unable to for one reason-or-another. The biggest of these new additions revealed thus far would be the Multi-Player Mode, which can host up to four players. The title’s designer, Hiroyuki Kotani has revealved that the Multi-Player stems from the Single-Player, yet, cryptically, will involve “giant eggs”.

            The internet is rampant right now with people claiming to have “inside information”, and while much of it sounds feasible, with no release date available from SONY and, in actual fact, little more than a handful of screenshots, Patapon 2 is a title for which we’ll be playing the waiting game until we get to play it ourselves.




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