Electronic Theatre Preview: Resistance Retribution

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Electronic Theatre Image            The big (and possibly only, thanks to Electronic Theatre’s unveiling of LocoRoco2 and Patapon 2 earlier this month) surprise for PlayStation Portable gamers at this year’s E3 show was the announcement of a big PLAYSTATION3 franchise making it’s way to the car-friendly system, if the form of Resistance: Retribution. Not due for release until late Spring 2009, we were surprised that SONY allowed playable code to be shown.

Electronic Theatre Image            Still months from even being declared Alpha state, it’s surprising how well the game holds together at present. From the team responsible for the PlayStation Portable’s Syphon Filter escapades, players are promised an accessible action-based Third-Person Shooter.

            Some details of how this will work were available, firstly, the Cover System. Or rather; “What Cover System?” In Resistance: Retribution, a player need only walk near an object to find their on-screen avatar ducking up-against it, firing will then pop you out for a shot and straight beck in again. The system works well currently, despite the lack of a second Analogue Nub for Camera control.

            A second addition to counter the system’s limited control options is that which the developer calls Aim Assist. Clearly influenced – although, even at this stage, exponentially better – by Coded Arms: Contagion, the on-screen system has effectively two Electronic Theatre Imagetargeting devices. The first is the four corners of a box, within which your reticule will automatically target enemies. Much like a Lock-On System, targets within the box can be flipped through by pressing any Face Button. There is, of course, a Manual Aim for greater accuracy.

            Each weapon will have an alternative firing mode – as with the PLAYSTATION3 titles – and the scale of it all is quite remarkable on the PlayStation Portable system. Already claiming the title of the best looking game the system has to offer – nearly a year before release – both PlayStation Portable and Resistance fans will welcome this one with open-arms.








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