Electronic Theatre Preview: Star Ocean

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Electronic Theatre Image            At E3 this year, we saw the arrival of not one, but two Star Ocean titles on the PlayStation Portable system. Both Star Ocean: First Departure – a remake of the very first release in the series, originally released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1996 in Japan, but never before having been localised for Western audiences – and Star Ocean: Second Evolution – a remake of the second title in the series originally titled Star Ocean: The Second Story and released in 1998 on the PlayStation in Japan and the US.

Electronic Theatre Image            Star Ocean: First Departure is due for release in the US this October. Featuring updated graphics utilising Star Ocean: The Second Story’s engine, the title will feature voice-acting and new characters. The Overworld is fully 3D and the Cut-Scenes look fantastic. The game appears to be in a complete state, ready to ship including English language.

            Star Ocean: Second Evolution is already available in Japan also, and due for release in the US early next year. Featuring the same 3D adaptations and sprite enhancements as Star Ocean: First Departure and most likely – although not confirmed – using the same engine also, fans can expect more of the same; though currently, that’s not looking like a bad thing.

            There’s still no confirmation of a European release for either title currently, however, Electronic Theatre believes this is more due to localisation issues rather than a lack of demand, and we expect to see Star Ocean: First Departure arriving in UK stores in the first half next year.



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