Learn How (not) to be a Modern Day Gladiator with Gladiator Begins

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            Zen United are set to launch the long-awaited European version of Gladiator Begins this week, exclusively on PlayStation Portable (PSP). The game offers players the chance to raise a gladiator from a lowly slave to a dominating force in the ancient arenas of Rome, and so Zen United has decided it was about time they did something to help budding gladiators in the modern day.

            Their choice of medium for the teaching of their lessons? Why, YouTube of course. And the teacher is himself a gladiator on the way up. Or perhaps stuck somewhere near the start if youElectronic Theatre Image listen to his wife’s input. With everything covered from creating a helmet and choosing tattoos to fighting against animals and creating a tasty, nutritious meal, the lessons will surely prepare you for taking to the arena and making mincemeat of your foes. Either that, or it’ll have you laughing at the poor unfortunate sap who takes all this information as factual.

            Gladiator Begins is set to arrive at UK retail this coming Friday, 27th May 2011, exclusively on PC. You can find the first part of the gladiator tutorial series below, with further episodes available now at the official Gladiator Begins YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/GladiatorBegins1, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on the game itself.









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