Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: SingStar Guitar

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            The second of Sony’s SingStar spin-offs, following the very nearly successful SingStar Dance, SingStar Guitar apes another popular physical action game genre, that of the recently downtrodden band simulation game. Taking the form of a Guitar Hero-esque Rhythm Action game for its new additions, SingStar Guitar is also playable as a karaoke game just as with any other SingStar release, and yet does not suffer from the increased price-tag one would expect.

            As with the majority of SingStar games, SingStar Guitar offers another thirty tracks that compliments the existing line-ups with the usual assortment or Pop, Light Rock and Hip-Hop. Electronic Theatre ImageThe track list is just as well presented as with any title in the successful series and just as with SingStar Dance. Should the additional gameplay component warranted by the advent of the PlayStation Move motion-controller not have been included, SingStar Guitar would still have been an easily recommended purchase for fans of the series.

            Of course, the karaoke gameplay is just as that of any PlayStation 3 SingStar title, and rightly so, as without some extensive research into the development of such games Electronic Theatre could offer little advice as to what should – or even could – be improved beyond that of user interface. The game allows for up to four players, up to two each for singing and guitar parts. Of course, one player could opt to both player guitar and sing, and under the proviso that you have the required accessories, as could a second.

            The guitar mechanic is of course the most significant addition that SingStar Guitar brings to the table. Playing much as would be expected – holding the PlayStation Move controller in your hand in an air guitar Electronic Theatre Imagestyle – SingStar Guitar is a stripped-back variation of that now familiar Guitar Hero format, with no Star Power or score multiplier, and no failing. SingStar Guitar lets you play the song from start to finish, whether setting a high score or scraping the barrel.

            SingStar Guitar is as would be expected of any SingStar title in terms of presentation, with a simple menu system giving way to music videos as a background to your actions. Simple though it may seem by modern standards, it’s no less successful now than it was on the PlayStation2, an achievement that is witnessed by the similarities seen in competing titles such as Def Jam Rapstar and the We Sing series. The track list is, as ever, entirely dependant on your taste in music, but the catalogue of tracks available to download with the guitar element attached is steadily growing.

            SingStar Guitar doesn’t rewrite the rulebook, but given the absent-minded nature of SingStar Dance’s new laws that’s probably a good thing. Both enjoyable as an addition to SingStar’s karaoke line-up and as a new leg for the series, SingStar Guitar avoids being considered an inferior product to the likes of Guitar Hero and Rock Band by aiming at an altogether different market; one that will enjoy the challenge without being chastised for any minor errors. As with the majority of the PlayStation Move’s line-up thus far, SingStar Guitar isn’t essential, but it’s enjoyable in the uniqueness it presents.

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