Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids Launch as PlayStation Network PSone Imports

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MonkeyPaw Games Inc. today announced that classic import titles Dezaemon Plus! and Blockids are now available individually on the recently launched Japanese PSone Imports section on the European PlayStation Network. The release marks the first time that European gamers will get the chance to play these import titles in their pure, un-touched form.

“The PlayStation Network gets two more classic games that show Japan’s historical contribution to the genres that we love. Dezaemon Plus! gives users a chance to build their own shooter and Blockids brings a staple game mechanic to a new level,” said John Greiner, President of MonkeyPaw Games. “Our dedication is to bring you games that you’d never otherwise see but are sure to enjoy.”

Dezaemon Plus! is a variety shooter title, packed with addictive shooter gameplay and a create-a-shooter toolbox mode for scrolling shoot-‘em-up aficionados. Blockids is a refreshing 3D take on a classic mechanic. These timeless Japanese PSone Imports are now available at the affordable price of €4.99 EU or £3.99 GBP each, and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest releases from MonkeyPaw Games.


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