EVE Online and DUST 514 opt for Perforce for Global Management

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Electronic Theatre Image     Perforce Software announced that CCP Games, an independent game studios, has built its development environment for large, global games with the Perforce Software Version Management system as its versioning engine. CCP, makers of the EVE Online massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) and the soon-to-be released DUST 514 first-person shooter game for Sony PlayStation 3, uses Perforce to enable game designers, engineers and artists to work in parallel and collaborate more effectively on development projects.

Halldor Fannar, chief technology officer for CCP commented, “We’ve always developed our games on Perforce because it allows us to achieve complete control over change. Integrating Perforce as our Electronic Theatre Imagedefinitive software library enables our interdependent code and data to be versioned and branched in the same system, which takes the conflict out of collaboration between our artists and coders working across three different continents. Having previously spread our software library across a range of sources, Perforce’s shared approach provides the go-to solution for our MMOGs.”

The development team of EVE Online, which has a global subscriber base of more than 400,000 players, uses Perforce to store its entire library of source assets and already-built artifacts, including art assets, built binaries, configuration files, external tools and libraries and text. The Perforce Software Version Management System powers the world’s most demanding development environments.  Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details about EVE Online and DUST 514.


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