PlayStation Exclusive Big Sky Infinity Receives Teaser Trailer

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Electronic Theatre ImageBoss Baddie and VooFoo have revealed the debut teaser trailer for an exclusive preview of the new videogame, Big Sky Infinity. Coming soon to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita via the PlayStation Network, Big Sky Infinity is set to be published by Ripstone.

Big Sky Infinity is a fast paced, twin-stick shooter, with several unique attributes. It features randomly generated missions, with dynamic gameplay that is modified based on a player’s performance. It provides the ability for players to transform Electronic Theatre Imagetheir ship from its default attack mode to become an unstoppable drilling machine, capable of powering straight through entire planets. The newest release, a partnership between Boss Baddie, VooFoo Studio’s and indie game publisher Ripstone will feature vibrant colours, insane speed and all new challenges. The debut teaser trailer for the videogame follows below and Electronic Theatre will keep you updated with all the latest details on Big Sky Infinity.


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